St. Augustine's Online Holiday Market

Holiday Market Charities This Year

All proceeds from the St. Augustine’s 2020 Holiday Market will go to these two charities:

Citizens Against Domestic & Sexual Abuse (CADA)

Island Senior Resources

CADA (Citizens Against Domestic & Sexual Abuse)

Hearing the phrase ‘stay safe, stay home’ can be incredibly isolating to someone if their home isn’t a safe haven.  Stress, financial instability and stay home orders brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic don’t cause someone to become abusive, but they can significantly escalate an abusive situation. COVID-19 has required CADA to do our work differently than before to safely meet the needs of clients.  Survivors’ safety situations are more complex than ever before and the need for shelter exceeds our capacity. 

Uprooting your life is always hard. It is even harder for someone facing an abusive partner. When someone has limited access to money and housing, they have fewer options to find safety and independence from an abusive relationship.  CADA clients say that finding shelter, pet safety and care, their children’s safety, and access to legal representation are common barriers preventing them from making that final decision to leave a dangerous partner. CADA, Island County’s sole domestic violence agency, offers free and confidential support to victims and survivors of relationship abuse, supporting them in becoming self-sufficient as they find their way into a stronger and more stable future.

Island Senior Resources

Island Senior Resources provides resources that enhance the emotional, social, and physical well-being of seniors, adults with disabilities, and those who care for them across Island County, WA. We provide objective information about aging and disability related programs and services, Meals on Wheels, medical transportation, information about Medicare, unpaid caregiver education, support, and respite, support groups, and many other services. Our goal is to support the independence, dignity, and health of older adults. 

Demand for Meals on Wheels has doubled since the pandemic began— We now deliver 8,000+ meals each month to homebound individuals in need. We moved all support groups online and have since expanded virtual support group offerings to maintain personal connections, with plans to further increase options in the coming months. Our Resource Specialists and Case Managers are managing increased call volume and length, while addressing issues of fear, grief, caregiver burnout, basic needs, providing information and guidance, as well as obtaining necessary equipment, supplies, and services for their clients. Our volunteers provide many services, including friendly check-in calls to isolated individuals, and we have a large medical lending library full of medical equipment and supplies that are available to anyone.If you, or a loved one, would benefit from any of Island Senior Resources’ services, visit and click “Get Help” or call 360-321-1600 or 360-678-3373. We also invite you to consider becoming a funding partner or a volunteer with us. Visit the URL or call one of the phone numbers above to learn more about how you can support Island Senior Resources.